A vision

When I held Mateo in my arms the day he was born, I was so relieved to finally have him here. My labor was long and so was my pregnancy, but he was here and he was perfect! I didn’t know that when he was three I would be celebrating him repeating words, putting on his pants and responding when I called his name.  Mateo was diagnosed with Autism 3 months before his third birthday. We didn’t know what we would be faced with, but it’s part of who he is, part of how he learns, part of our world.

The vision we have for our children alters and changes as they grow each day, as we see their strengths their challenges. My vision for Mateo  is that he finds love, happiness, friends in school, and independence.  So many other parents out there are struggling with the same challenges we face and many with much harder ones.  I feel so blessed that Mateo is a happy, mellow boy who is progressing each day, who can say words, and follow directions (sometimes), who knows his numbers up to 10, is now calling himself by Teo, attends a regular preschool, and brings me so much happiness each day.  So we are the lucky ones, but still facing challenges with school districts, doctors and a diagnosis of Autism which leaves us not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring for him.

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One Response to A vision

  1. Poppi says:

    Reading through the touching and heart warming/concerning moments which makes up Mateo’s Story, this loving beautiful child that graces us all, leaves me in awe. I’m Mateo’s grandfather, Grandpa he calls me, and sometimes Poppi. Ninni is my better half, and we have been blessed with two beautiful kids, and now four grand-kids, and they are all grand, indeed. It is more than wonderful being in any of their presence,and I have always found them to be the finest tonic.
    I love all my grand-kids enormously, although this is Mateo’s Story, and I have come to look deeply in his dark brown eyes and found him searching through mine, with intent, and exploring the crevases of my face with his sweet little fingers.
    This past weekend (The Hot One) Melissa brought the kids over for a swim, and we had a great time. It was times on his raft that Mateo would enjoy being pulled slowly across the water, looking up at the trees and singing a soft melody. As the day came to too soon a close, I gave Mateo a kiss at the door, and told him, “I love you”, and which he answered, “I love you”. I’m still dining out on that sweet little reply.

    I am so glad he has two exceptional loving parents, and loving sister, and all of the dedicated workers that see him as a most gifted and loving boy, and through all the concerns and setbacks, heartache and hope, he will be much more than fine. He already knows his phone number. Did you know yours when you were four?

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